Warm & True

A great education isn’t just what our children learn. It’s what becomes part of them.

It’s every teacher, student and parent who welcomes, accepts and inspires them. It’s space for creativity and potential, encircled by a sense of how we must care for each other and the world. It’s a firm bedrock of moral values that will strengthen them throughout their lives.

We believe it is all important. And that is why it is all part of a Mother Seton School education.

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Mother Seton School gathers families into a true Christian community that celebrates life’s gifts together and supports each other in times of need. Our exceptional teachers and staff inspire and guide students, understanding their strengths as learners and as people. Younger and older students care for each other in a healthy, loving pre-K through grade 8 environment. Together, we create a foundation that sustains children for life.

Quality, Catholic Education for Pre-K Through Grade 8  |  Near Frederick, MD