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School uniforms are worn by students in Kindergarten through Grade 8 beginning on the first day of school. Students are required to arrive in full uniform and maintain full uniform standards through dismissal. Parents are encouraged to contact the school if there are any questions about uniforms not addressed here or in the handbook. Please label all uniform pieces with your child's name to prevent loss.

Where to purchase uniforms:

Uniforms may be purchased via Dennis Uniforms or Lands' End with the exception of the tan gym t-shirt. In order to access approved uniform items, parents must use the links provided and/or enter our school preferred code for each vendor.

Dennis Uniform  (code: BT00MS)

All uniform items may be purchased via Dennis EXCEPT mesh gym shorts and khaki skorts


Lands' End Uniform (code: 900155508)

All uniform items may be purchased via Lands' End EXCEPT plaid skort


The gym t-shirt is offered directly via the school at the beginning of the school year. Please contact the office at 301.447.3161 for more information.


General Guidelines

School uniforms are worn by students in Kindergarten through Grade 8 beginning the first day of school. Students are

required to arrive and leave school in complete uniform and remain in complete uniform throughout the day. Parents are

encouraged to contact the school if clarification of any element of the dress code is necessary. To avoid loss of clothing,

parents assist their children to label sweaters, sweatshirts, outer wear clearly with name and grade.


Vendors: Uniforms can be purchased through Dennis Uniforms or Lands' End.

Dennis -  ALL uniform requirements can be purchased through Dennis (except Mesh Gym Shorts and Khaki Skorts)

School Code: BT00MS

Retail Store 1110C North Rolling Road, Catonsville, MD 21228

Phone 800 854 6951 410 869 4682 FAX 410869 4685

On line orders: www.dennisuniform.com

Scrip: Available through MSS

Annual Brochure with uniform pricing, products available from school office


Lands End - All uniform items can be purchased through Lands End (except Plaid Skorts)

School Code: 900155508

Retail Store SEARS retail stores have limited stock of Khaki pants & Shorts

Phone 800 469 2222

On line orders: www.landsend.com/school

Scrip: Available on line


Expectations of Students

Parents teach their children to show pride in their school by conforming to school standards regarding dress, personal

appearance, and hygiene, jewelry, and hair styles as explained below:


  • Students are well-groomed, maintain a neat appearance, and wear their school uniform with pride. Uniforms are in good repair and properly fitted, with shirts long enough to be neatly tucked in.
  • Colored T-shirts, those containing lettering/graphics, or patterned camisoles are not worn under uniform shirts.
  • Students are permitted to wear a watch, but no other bracelets, unless they are allergy, or health emergency bands
  • Uniform shirts are tucked in except during PE class. Shirts remain tucked in departing from school and on the school bus.
  • Jumpers, skirts, shirts, khaki pants/skorts/shorts, sweaters, and vests are purchased from DENNIS or Lands End only
  • Mesh Gym Shorts may only be purchased via Lands’ End.
  • Logo is not required for gym shorts or sweatpants, but they must be hunter/dark green. Gym sweatpants may still be purchased through Dennis or Lands' End.
  • Lengths of girl’s jumpers or skorts are no shorter than 2 inches above the knee. Socks are 3-4 inches above the top of the shoe.
  • Jackets and hats are not worn in the school building.
  • Girls limit jewelry to one pair of stud or button earrings, one ring and a small necklace with medal or cross. Boys limit jewelry to one ring and a small necklace with a small medal or cross. Parents and staff guide students in selection of appropriate jewelry to wear with school uniform.
  • Hair is neatly styled. Students and parents understand that fad haircuts, artificially dyed hair, highlighted hair, and radical style cuts do not complement the school uniform and are inappropriate for school.
  • Boys keep a traditional boy’s haircut, trimmed above the ears, off collar, and above the eyebrows.
  • Girls limit hair adornments to a simple ribbon, headband, or band to tie the hair. For safety and appearance, ribbons are short and do not hang down the back.
  • Students do not wear make-up, use only clear polish for nails, and transparent lip balm.
  • The school staff assists students in determining what is acceptable.


Girls – Grades 1-5

Navy and green plaid jumper with scoop neck and A-line styling or Khaki skort or pants, all worn with a white or hunter

green short or long sleeve MSS logo shirt.


Girls – Grades 6-8

Navy and green plaid or khaki skort, length reaching to no more than 2 inches above the knees, or khaki pants, both worn

with a white or hunter green short or long sleeve MSS logo knit shirt


Boys – Grades 1-8

Khaki pants worn with a white or hunter green short or long sleeve MSS logo knit shirt.


Boys and Girls Grades 1-8

Belts: Solid or braided black or brown belts. Belts must be worn with pants or shorts (except for Grade 1).

Shoes: Clean, SOLID WHITE traditional athletic shoes (sneakers) with non-marking soles, low cut with backs, suitable

for physical education activities on a gymnasium floor (Velcro or white laces). No other colors, designs, or decorations

are acceptable.

Socks: PLAIN white, navy blue, or hunter green knee high, crew, or quarter socks or tights. Socks must be at least 3-4

inches above the top of the shoe. No decorations or logos allowed on socks.

Sweaters: Hunter green MSS logo button-up or Zip front cardigan or crew neck MSS logo sweater (optional).

Vests: Forest green MSS logo fleece (optional).

Sweatshirts: May be worn in place of sweater inside the classroom on cold weather days.



Kindergarten children wear the MSS gym uniform throughout the year. Tan t-shirt may be substituted for polo shirt during Optional Warm Weather Uniform period (First Day of School to October 15 and April 15 to Last Day of School)


See the PreK Parent Handbook for dress code


Other Notes:

Standard/Winter Uniform (Year-Round): MSS logo white or hunter polo shirt and green sweatpants, khaki skorts/pants, jumpers, or plaid skorts.

Optional Warm Weather Uniform (First Day of School to October 15 and April 15 to Last Day of School): MSS logo white or hunter polo shirts and green gym shorts, khaki skorts/shorts, jumpers, or plaid skorts.

Exception for Extremely Hot Weather: Tan gym cotton logo T-shirt is permitted when the hot weather plan is announced

via a written memo to parents. This shirt is kept tucked in except during PE class.


Physical Education Uniform

PE Uniform sweatpants and polo, or navy or tan t-shirt are worn only on gym day in Grades 1-8. Mesh or knit gym shorts may be worn during warm weather period.

Out-of-Uniform Days

Special permission to be out of uniform is periodically given to individuals, classes, or the entire school:

Birthday: Students have permission to be out of uniform on their birthday. Summer birthday out of uniform privilege is

arranged with the homeroom teacher.

Tag Day: Student clubs sponsor “Tag Day” for various projects they are doing. Notices are sent home via the Tuesday

Newsletter regarding the fee to come out of uniform, whether it is full or shirt only out of uniform privilege, and destination of

funds collected. Students wear appropriate, modest, safe, and respectful attire for school. Skirts are appropriate

length; Spaghetti string tops, low cut tops, etc., are not worn. Text or graphics on shirts is ordinarily not permitted. For

safety, school shoes are usually required.

If an out of uniform day falls on a scheduled P.E. day, clothing suitable for physical activity and sneakers should be worn.

Rev July 2017


View / Download Parent-Student Handbook


Frequently Asked Questions

Why must students wear white sneakers?

White sneakers prevent scuff marks and lessen the wear and tear on our floors. You can find white sneakers at various local stores, such as  Payless Shoesource, Adidas outlet, Foot Locker, and Nike outlet, or online.

Why are there two vendors?

Our goal is to provide parents with the most economical and convenient choice for school uniforms, while still maintaining the consistency and modesty in the uniform. Currently, Dennis offers a few items that are unavailable from Lands' End, and vice versa. We chose to make two vendors available to parents so they are able to choose the most affordable products from whichever vendor has what they need.

Why are only boys mesh shorts available on Lands' End? Can I still purchase them for my girls?

The current girls design for mesh shorts is too short on most students to be modest. Since so many parents requested a mesh option, we opted to make available the boys style, which is longer. If that changes, we will be happy to add the girls style. Dennis did not have a hunter green mesh shorts option. Parents can still purchase the older cotton shorts via Dennis while supplies last or through the uniform closet at school.

Why do I have to get the khaki skort on Lands' End and the plaid skort on Dennis? Why aren't they offered through both vendors?

The khaki skorts offered via each vendor differ to much in style from one another. We chose to go with Lands' End based on parent feedback that the style (with the undershorts separate from the skort as opposed to being all one piece, as well as having an adjustable waist) was more comfortable and economical. We would love to have been able to offer the plaid skort through Lands' End for the same reason, however, the LE plaid skort was significantly shorter than the Dennis style.

Can my daughter wear shorts underneath her jumper?


Is there an onsite uniform sale?

Yes, usually in August before school begins. Dennis Uniform will bring preprinted items. *Tip: If you plan on shopping the onsite sale, check with Donna in the front office to purchase Dennis SCRIP first and earn Tuition Reduction Credits!

What do I do with my old uniforms? Where can I find used uniforms instead of having to purchase brand new each year?

The uniform closet is located in the cafeteria and is normally accessible before and after school. You may donate your CLEAN, SERVICEABLE uniforms to the closet. Contact the front office for more details.

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