Tuition & Financial Aid

It’s important to us to provide an excellent, affordable Catholic education to all who seek it.


Financial Aid / FACTS

Grocery Tuition Reduction

SCRIP Tuition Reduction


Having experienced deep poverty herself, Mother Seton never lost an opportunity to provide for those who were poor. She appropriately named her original school in Emmitsburg St. Joseph Academy and Free School and made it clear that all students were welcome—those whose families were rich in worldly goods and those whose families had scarce financial resources.

Faithful to the legacy of St. Elizabeth Ann, Mother Seton School remains committed to providing a Catholic education to students from families of diverse economic backgrounds.

Financial aid is granted for one year. Parents re-apply annually at the time of registration for the following year. The amount of aid is granted according to family need and availability of funds.

Feeder parishes also grant assistance to parish families. Contact your pastor or parish administrator for more information about how to apply for parish assistance with tuition.

New families make an appointment with the Principal to discuss their financial needs and request an application. FACTS Financial Aid Applications are available beginning January and are due by March for currently enrolled families.


Application Fee (for new students)

$30.00 per child due at the time of application


Registration Fee

$150 per child, if 1 child paid-in-full by March 13, balance for additional children paid-in-full by April 13

$175 per child, if 1 child paid-in-full by April 13, balance for additional children paid-in-full by May 15

$200 per child after May 15

Note: Signed tuition agreement and payment of registration fee due within 14 days after final acceptance to guarantee place on class roster. New families are required to make the first tuition payment with registration fee to hold place on student roster.


Tuition Rates for 2017-2018

  •  Half-Day Pre-K with dismissal at 11:15 a.m. $3,240 per student
  •  Full-Day Pre-K with dismissal at 2:45 p.m. $5,150 per student
  •  Kindergarten – Grade 8 $5,150 per student
  •  Fourth child with lowest tuition free


Mother Seton Bus Fees

  •  1-way: $500 per year
  •  2-way: $800 per year


Classroom Materials Fee

  •  Pre-K: $40 per year
  •  K-5: $58 per year
  •  6-8: $95 per year


Aftercare Available until 6 p.m. Pre-K- Grade 8

  •  $5.95/per hour one-child
  •  $8.75/per hour two-children
  •  $11.55/per hour three-children

The completed FACTS Grant & Aid Assessment application is required for:

  • Families whose circumstances require them to request financial aid from MSS for their child’s tuition
  • Families who routinely receive parish support  or who plan on requesting this from their pastor (Maryland Catholic parishes only)
  • Families who wish to apply for a Friends of Catholic Education Scholarship (merit/need)


Apply through FACTS on-line at

Deadlines to apply:

  • Tuesday, February 28 for Archdiocese of Baltimore Financial Aid


After February 28, applications will be considered as funding is available.


Documentation Requested for FACTS:

  • Most recent federal tax forms (2015 or 2016) and 2016 W-2 forms for all wage earners.
  • Applicants with Business Income (Schedule C, E, Corporations, LLC, etc.) must submit copies of 2016 federal tax returns for final approval. If your business return is on extension, please provide the finance office a written estimate of your Net Income.
  • Any Social Security Income, Welfare, Child Support, Food Stamps, Worker's Compensation, or TANF received.
  • Include your application ID on all faxed or mailed correspondence.


Since funds are limited, we urge you to complete your financial aid application and provide the documentation early! If you have questions or concerns about the application process, you may speak with a FACTS Customer Care Representative at 1-866-441-4637. Donna Gebhart is available to assist you in completing the on line form. Request appointment by calling 301-447-3161 or email Donna at

Grocery Certificate Tuition Reduction


Four corporate sponsors support this program at MSS: Friends of Catholic Education (F.O.C.E.), a nonprofit organization established to lend support to Catholic schools in Frederick County, is where we purchase our Food Lion, Giant, Giant/Eagle, Safeway; as well as, Jubilee Foods in Emmitsburg: Kennie’s Markets in Gettysburg, Littlestown and Taneytown: and Trout’s Markets in Woodsboro. This program turns your grocery money into valuable tuition reductions.

Here's how it works:

  • Who can order Grocery Certificate Cards?

    Anyone can order grocery certificates from you. Grandparents, neighbors, co-workers, friends, etc. can order certificates from you. The more the merrier – and the more TR’s you earn!

  • What stores participate in this program?

    Food Lion, Giant (including Martin’s), Giant/Eagle, Jubilee Emmitsburg, Kennie’s, Safeway, Trout’s Woodsboro, and Weis participate in this program.

  • How do I earn Tuition Reductions by shopping at these stores?

    Tuition reductions (TR’s) are earned by ordering grocery gift cards directly from Mother Seton School and using the gift cards to purchase your groceries. Here is the breakdown of TR’s earned:

  • How do I order the Grocery Certificate Cards?

    Gift cards can be ordered by using the Grocery Certificate Order Form link above, printing and sending it into school with your child in their classroom home folder. You may also contact Donna Gebhart at (301) 447-3161 or by email at to order gift cards. I always have cash and carry gift cards. Please contact me anytime to purchase.

    Gift Card orders placed on Mondays will be available for pick up Thursdays.

  • When do I pick up my Grocery Certificate Cards?

    Only pre-paid certificates may be picked up at the Front Office. The certificates are available anytime after 3:00 p.m. on the dates listed below.

    ALL certificates must be paid for no later than Monday morning of the order week or they cannot be ordered. ALL checks should be written care of “Mother Seton School”. Checks can be sent along with order forms or sent in an envelope marked “Grocery Certificates”.

    Summer Grocery / Scrip Order & Pick-up Dates

  • How many certificates can I order?

    The sky is the limit! The increments available for order are noted on the enclosed order form. No other increments are available.

  • How will my TRs be calculated?

    Every month a Tuition reduction statement is mailed to you from our Accounting Office.

  • Who will help me get started in this program?

    Call Terry Smith at (301) 447-3161 or through email and get started ASAP!

SCRIP Gift Card Tuition Reduction Program

The National Scrip Program is a nationwide fundraising program that sells discounted gift cards to nonprofit organizations. Simply by ordering and using these gift cards, funds can be earned toward tuition reductions at MSS. Families will keep 90% of all discounts and MSS will keep 10% to cover shipping and handling charges. (Example: $100 order with 5% discount; Families keep $4.50 MSS $.50)


  • Who can order Gift Cards?

    Anyone can order grocery certificates from you. All parents and their friends, families, neighbors, etc. can use this program to earn reductions and funds for MSS.

  • What stores participate in this program?

    Click on the SCRIP Merchant List link above to see a list of participating vendors.

  • How do I order SCRIP Gift Cards?

    ALL ORDERS MUST BE PLACED ONLINE. However, if this is a problem please contact us for alternative options. Print out the page entitled Getting Started at It will give you complete instructions on how to place your orders. Online orders will not be released until MSS has received payment. All you need to do is print your confirmation page and send it to along with your payment by each order date.

  • When do I pick up my SCRIP Gift Cards?

    Orders will follow the schedule below which follow the same dates as our Grocery Gift Card Program. All SCRIP orders must be turned in on Mondays with a print out of the online confirmation page and full payment. All gift cards will be available for pick-up in the front office on Thursday afternoons by dismissal time.

    Holiday Scrip Order & Pick-up Dates
    Scrip cards will be stocked and available for pick-up throughout summer months. You may place orders by phone at 301-447-3161 or e-mail Donna Gebhart at

    Office hours for pick up will be Monday -Thursday      9:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.

    2016 Holiday SCRIP Schedule
    Every Week except November 21st and December 19th




  • How many certificates can I order?

    The sky is the limit!

  • How will my TRs be calculated?

    Every month a Tuition reduction statement is mailed to you from our Accounting Office.

  • Who will help me get started in this program?

    Call Terry Smith at (301) 447-3161 or through e-mail and get started ASAP!

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