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Congratulations to the Class of 2013 on their graduation from High School!

Take a look at where some of them are heading in the fall and what they plan to study:

Paige Orner, University of Pennsylvania - Cognitive Science with a minor in Computer Science

Anna Eyler,  Hood College - Chemistry

Anna Marie Fostik, Misericordia University - Pediatrics Occupational Therapy & Psychology

Makenzie Kirby, Duquesne University - Pharmacy

Josephine Isaacson, California Polytechnic State University - Bio Chemistry

Anthony Beasley, George Mason University - Law and Film

Alex Dumm, Catholic University - Political Science

Cecilia Bosche, Towson University - Occupational Therapy

Grace Santos,  Alvernia University - Athletic Training

Dominic Nield, Mount St. Mary’s University - Political Science

Brendan McCormick, Slippery Rock University - Park and Resource Management

Megan McGee,  York College of Pennsylvania - Mechanical Engineering with a minor in Musical Theater

Leah Morgan, College of William & Mary - Biology

Sean Vietri, Gonzaga University - Engineering, Honors Program

Sarah Szulkalski,  York College of Pennsylvania - Nursing with a minor in Musical Theater

Athena Fream, University of Maryland - Special Education

Robert Walker, Georgia Institute of Technology -Physics

Bobby Laudani, Mount St. Mary’s University - Undeclared

Brad Reaver, University of Tennessee - Business

Carrie Reaver, Longwood University - Pre-Med

Kara Roberts, Rocky Mountain College of Art & Design - Animation

Drew Bramson, High Point University




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