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MSS Class of 2014 is moving on!

Graduating high seniors are spreading their wings and flying into the future! Our MSS alum will be heading to:

American University • Carroll Community College • Catholic University • Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University • Frederick Community College • Furman University • Georgetown School of Foreign Service • James Madison University • Loyola University • Mount St. Mary's University • Penn College of Technology • Salisbury University • Seton Hall University • Stevenson University • Universal Technical Institute • University of Maryland • University of Tampa • University of Utah • West Virginia University • US Army • US Marines


It's exciting to see what some of the areas of study MSS '2014 will be diving into:

Avionics • Exercise Science • Occupational Therapy • Graphic Design • Physician's Assistant • Pre-Med • Science, Technology & International AFfairs w/concentration in Biotechnology and Global Health • History • Aerospace Engineering and Astrophysics • Early Education • Biochemistry and Environmental Science • Business Administration • Welding • Auto/Diesel Mechanics • Automotive Technology and Business • Social Work • Digital Informatics • Entrepreneurship and Economics


MSS 2014 alumni graduate with top honors at catoctin high school

Noah Wivell (left), Grace Mazaleski (center), and Edison Hatter (right) graduated Catoctin High School with several academic awards, including the Maryland Scholastic Merit for graduating in the top 5%. Each also graduated with Highest Honors (GPA 4.0 & higher) and made honor roll in all semesters. Noah, Grace, and Edison are wearing National Honor Society stoles and various honor society chords.

MSS 2017 Graduates are stars at gettysburg high

Marshall Mott's high school career is off to a great start. Not only has he made honor roll both quarters, but he is one of six student selected to receive the North Star award. The "North Star" refers to the direction in which the school encourages all students are encouraged to aim, by honoring students who demonstrate excellence in character and serve as role models for other students.


Hannah Beckett's career is also taking off! She, too, has made honor roll for both quarters and was awarded the Shining Star for Academic Excellence in Spanish II. We're so proud of our alum! Keep it up, Hannah and Marshall!


MSS Alum Make the GraDe

Our MSS alumni have been hard at work! The follow alum made the honor roll at their respective schools:


St. Maria Goretti High School

Distinguished Honors (GPA of 3.7 or higher)

Matthias Buchheister and Bridget Collins (MSS 2017)

Honors (GPA of 3.0-3.7)

Luke Manning (MSS 2017)

Matthew Collins, Caroline Mullineaux, Fabiana Nogales and Alexei Wood (all MSS 2015)

Jane Bramson and Dahlia Nogales (MSS 2014)


St. John Catholic Prep High School

Students with the Highest GPA

Jack Guinan (MSS 2017)


President's List (all A's or a cumulative grade point average of 4.0)

Jack Guinan (MSS 2017)

Emma Adams (MSS 2016)

Katie Adams (MSS 2015)

Beth Gillis (MSS 2014)


Gettysburg High School

A Honor Roll

Hannah Beckett

Marshall Mott


FCPS Public High School Honor Roll Criteria

First Honors- GPA of 4.0

Second Honors- GPA of 3.0-3.9


Catoctin High School

Every member of the MSS Class of 2017 was on the Catoctin High honor roll! Great job!!


Grade 9 First Honors

Grace Kovalcik (MSS 2017)

Grade 9 Second Honors

Natalie Bosche, Emily Dewees, Garrett Malachowski, Sean Mazaleski, Aedan Myles, Gavin Sanders, Carson Sickeri (all MSS 2017)

Grade 10 First Honors

Quinn Alley, Madelyn Clever, Jeremy Hochschild, Daniel McCarthy (all MSS 2016)

Grade 10 Second Honors

Lauren Haller, Evan Ott, Jean Pembroke (all MSS 2016)

Grade 11 First Honors

Isabella Alley, Haleigh Bowling (both MSS 2015)

Grade 11 Second Honors

Hannah Buckman, Adrianna Bussey, Hannah Hartness, Tara O'Donnell, Alex Wivell, Issiah Wivell (all MSS 2015)

Grade 12 First Honors

Gabriella Ferraro, Ashley Glass, Grace Mazaleski, Kim Shields, Noah Wivell (all MSS 2014)

Grade 12 Second Honors

Eric Himes, Stephen Hochschild, Jude O'Donnell, Lucas Soter (all MSS 2014)


Gov. Thomas Johnson High School

Grade 9 First Honors

Averey Johnson (MSS 2017)

Grade 9 Second Honors

Larisa Tayler (MSS 2017)


Not all high schools report to us. If your MSS alum made the honor roll or earned an award, please let us know so we can congratulate them publicly!


MSS Alum Inducted into Catoctin HS Honor societies

The following MSS alumni were inducted into Catoctin’s Mu Alpha Theta (Math Honor Society): Stephen Hochchild, MSS '14; Jack Malachowski, (inductee), MSS '15; Edison Hatter, MSS '14; Noah Wivell (Treasurer), MSS '14; Alex Wivell (inductee), MSS '15; Grace Mazaleski (Secretary), MSS '14; & Kim Shields (inductee), MSS '14.


Additionally, MSS '15 alumni Tara O'Donnell, Haleigh Bowling, Adriana Bussey, and Isabella Alley were inducted into the National Honor Society.


We're so proud of their achievements! Congratulations!


Congratulations to the Class of 2013 on their graduation from High School!

Take a look at where some of them are heading in the fall and what they plan to study:

Paige Orner, University of Pennsylvania - Cognitive Science with a minor in Computer Science

Anna Eyler,  Hood College - Chemistry

Anna Marie Fostik, Misericordia University - Pediatrics Occupational Therapy & Psychology

Makenzie Kirby, Duquesne University - Pharmacy

Josephine Isaacson, California Polytechnic State University - Bio Chemistry

Anthony Beasley, George Mason University - Law and Film

Alex Dumm, Catholic University - Political Science

Cecilia Bosche, Towson University - Occupational Therapy

Grace Santos,  Alvernia University - Athletic Training

Dominic Nield, Mount St. Mary’s University - Political Science

Brendan McCormick, Slippery Rock University - Park and Resource Management

Megan McGee,  York College of Pennsylvania - Mechanical Engineering with a minor in Musical Theater

Leah Morgan, College of William & Mary - Biology

Sean Vietri, Gonzaga University - Engineering, Honors Program

Sarah Szulkalski,  York College of Pennsylvania - Nursing with a minor in Musical Theater

Athena Fream, University of Maryland - Special Education

Robert Walker, Georgia Institute of Technology -Physics

Bobby Laudani, Mount St. Mary’s University - Undeclared

Brad Reaver, University of Tennessee - Business

Carrie Reaver, Longwood University - Pre-Med

Kara Roberts, Rocky Mountain College of Art & Design - Animation

Drew Bramson, High Point University




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