Quality, Catholic Education for Pre-K through Grade 8


Admissions Process




Admissions Process

1. Take a Tour

Come and visit our campus, tour the facility, and see our teachers and students in action! It’s a great way to experience the spirit of MSS!  A tour of the school and/or principal interview can be arranged at a mutually convenient time. Contact Admissions / Advancement at 301-447-3165 or email to schedule (you may also call the front office at 301-447-3161). Take A Tour Tuesdays are scheduled monthly. Please see our Calendar for upcoming dates and times

2. Apply for Admission

Complete the Admission Application (one per student). Submit application, other required documentation and the $30.00 application fee (non-refundable).  Visit the "Applications" tab above for access to the Admissions Application and other related forms.

3. Student Shadow Day

After review of Application information, your child would be invited to “Shadow” for a day.  Your child would visit their respective classroom for the morning (if Pre-Kindergarten) or the school day (if Kindergarten through grade 8) and interact with their peers.  During this visit, a member of our Resource Team would do a Screening Assessment to be used in evaluation of the child’s current academic abilities. We would like to schedule a time for you to meet with our principal, Sr. Brenda Monahan, D.C. on this day.

4. Acceptance

Information from the respective teacher regarding the child’s classroom visit and the results of the screening will be forwarded to the principal, Sr. Brenda. She will evaluate the assessment and a letter will be sent to the family.  You will receive registration papers with the acceptance letter and have 2 weeks to complete them and officially register your child(ren).

5. Registration

Completed forms and applicable deposit must be received in order to hold child’s place on the roster for the upcoming school year.


Applications for the current school year are considered on an individual basis depending upon space available and family need. Applications are accepted for the upcoming school year beginning the preceding January.

At the time of application the following must be presented:

Age Requirements

Prospective Pre-K students must be four years of age by September 1st.  Prospective Kindergarten students must be five years of age by September 1st.

Mother Seton School follows early entrance policies established by the local public schools.  Parents may contact their local public school administrator for information about the process to obtain permission from the public school for early admission of children who do not meet the age requirement for Pre-K and Kindergarten.  Once the approval has been granted by the public schools, parents may contact Mother Seton School for early admission.


Q. Is Mother Seton School only for Catholics?
A. No. We welcome all to enroll and grow in their Christian faith with us at MSS. We have many students of other faith traditions as part of our MSS family.

Q. Does MSS provide extra-curricular opportunities?
A. Our students participate in a wide variety of extracurriculars including: Band and Chorus, Science Club, Art Angels, Vincentian Marian Youth Service Club, Snow Sports Club, Book Clubs, Service Projects, Scouts, Science Fair, Engineering Club, SET Club, and Spanish Club.

Q. Does MSS monitor student performance with regard to national averages?
A. Yes. MSS students annually take the Stanford 10 and OLSAT national standardized tests and, we’re proud to say, consistently perform above the national average.

Q. Do you provide After School Care?
A. Yes. We provide affordable and safe on-site care.

Q. Our family values service to others and a strong sense of personal responsibility. How do you help instill these values in MSS students?
A. Students are encouraged to model their lives on the virtues of humility, simplicity, charity, and love. Prayer Partners, the Green School Initiative, outreach projects and charitable drives give students opportunities to put their faith into action and engage with the community.

Q. Are you equipped to help students with differentiated learning needs?
A. The MSS Learning Center’s specially trained educators identify students who require instructional support, assess students’ needs, and respond in a coordinated effort through academic support and targeted intervention.

Q. How is technology integrated into learning?
A. In addition to our computer lab, students have access to mobile laptops and a stationary student pc in each classroom. Smartboards and interactive projectors help ensure technology is a part of the learning experience.